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Direct Quranic Girls Names | islamic baby girl names from quran

Through this post, you can directly know the names of girls from the Qur’an with their meanings. (Direct Quranic Girls Names)

For those of you who are looking for girl names from Quran online, this post is for you. Here you will get baby girl names with meaning directly from Quran. You don’t have to search hard any more. Hope you can find a good name from here.

Below are the names of girls from the Quran:

Direct Quranic Girls Names

 (islamic baby girl names from quran)

1.AayatVerses, messages, signs. Plural of Ayah
2.AanThis moment, right now, mature, ripe
4.AbidatWorshipers of God
5.AdnBliss, eternal residence, Eden in English
6.AdhaMore sensible, more intelligent, more severe
7.AezzaMighty ones, respected and noble ones
8.Adna    Closest
9.AghniaRich ones, needless ones
10.AfidaHearts, consciences
12.AhdaBetter guided
14.AlaBlessings, favors, wonders
15.AmanaatDeposits, trusts, things that are given to another person for safekeeping
16.AmanaTrustworthiness, and something left with another person for safekeeping
17.AnabaHe/she returned to God and became virtuous, this is a past-tense verb used as a noun
18.AmaniWish, hope
19.AminaSafe, secure
20.Anamta               You have blessed, it is a phrase taken from Surat al-Fatiha, the speech is directed at God
21.AqsaFarthest, it is the name of a mosque in Jerusalem
22.AqibaResult, aftermath, consequence
23.AsifaStorm, stormy, wind that blows forcefully
25.AsaraRemnant, trace
26.Aula, AwlaMore deserving
28.AyahVerse, sign, proof
30.BarizaEminent, prominent
31.BaqiyaRemaining, lasting
33.Bayyina               Clear sign, clear proof
34.BasiqatHigh, lofty and towering [things], refers to palm trees in the Quran
35.BasiraClear proof
36.BazighaShining, radiant, rising
37.BayyinatClear signs and proofs
38.BayzaWhite, feminine of Abyaz
39.BushraGood news, glad tidings
40.BukraEarly, early part of the day, dawn, morning
41.DuaPrayer, supplication, call
42.DaniyaClose, near
43.DunyaWorldly life, literally means the closest one
44.Eelaf, Ilaf, Elaf   Pact, agreement, covenant, safety
45.Ein, IynOne who has beautiful large eyes
46.FizzahSilver (the metal)
47.FidaTo free a captive
48.Hafizat Protectors
51.HasanatGood deeds
53.HasanaGood deed
54.HilyaJewel, trinket, any item used for adornment.
55.HoorHouris, companions of Paradise
56.HusnaThat which is best, good deed, beautiful
58.IbtighaTo seek
60.Iliyun, Eliyun      The highest and most sublime place in Paradise
61.Iliyeen, EliyeenThe highest and most sublime place in Paradise
62.Iza, Izza, Eza      Might, honor, self-respect and dignity
63.Imara   To visit, to tend
64.IstabraqBrocade, shiny and shimmering silk
65.JannatPlural of Jannah (Paradise)
66.Janna   Paradise
67.Jariya    The Sun, ship, stream, unmarried young woman
68.JannatainTwo gardens, plural of Jannah
69.JannatanTwo gardens, plural of Jannah
70.Judi, Judy           Name of the mountain that Noah’s Ark landed upon
71.Kabira  Great
72.Kamila  Complete and without shortcomings, mature
75.Kashifat               Discoverers, removers of hardship
76.KashifaDiscoverer, remover of hardship
77.Kawsar, KausarAbundance, and possibly the name of a fountain in Paradise
78.Kathira, KatheeraMuch, abundant
79.KhashiatOnes who fear God
80.Khairat Good things, good ones
81.Khalisa Genuine, noble, fresh, untainted, exclusive
83.KubraGreatest, feminine of Akbar
85.Lailah, LailaNight
86.Layal     Nights
87.LinaYoung palm tree, young and delicate thing
88.LayyinGentle, soft
90.LiqaaTo meet, to come face to face with
91.Madina, MedinaCity, also refers to a city in Saudi Arabia
92.MaawaSanctuary, shelter, residence, refers to Paradise
93.MahabaLove, affection
94.MafazaSuccess, safety
96.MaqsuratPure and modest ones, reserved ones
97.Mahya Life, lifetime
98.MaimanaBlessedness, ease and lack of hardship
99.MaisaraEase, lack of hardship
100.MarhamaMercy, compassion
101.MarahFun, joy
102.MarfuahRaised, high, sublime
103.MaryamArabic for Mary, mother of Prophet Isa (Jesus).
104.MarufaGood, customary
105.MarwaName of a landmark in Mecca
106.Mastour              Written, recorded
107.Marzia Cause for contentment, a person that God is pleased with
108.MasaabaRefuge, place of resort
109.MawizaAdvice, admonition
111.MawadaAffection, goodwill
112.Milla     Creed, doctrine, refers to prophet Ibrahim’s way of life in the Quran
115.Mishkat               Niche
117.MubsiraWell-informed, skilled, keen, intelligent
118.MubashiratBringers of good news
119.MubayinatClear, self-explanatory, lucid, plural of mubayina
120.MuminaBeliever, feminine of Mumin
121.Mufsira               Beaming with happiness
122.MuhajiratOnes who have migrated for the cause of God
123.MuhitaEncompassing, aware of, knowledgeable about
124.MuhsinatDoers of good deeds
125.MustabshiraOne who is rejoicing after receiving good news
126.MuslimaFeminine of Muslim
127.MuslimatFemale Muslim
128.MutmainaSure-hearted, one whose heart is at peace
130.MutasadiqatGivers of charity
131.NafilaGift, present, something given as an addition to something else that was given
132.Naama, NaemaAbundance, comfort, luxury
133.NakhlaPalm tree
134.Naimah, Naema               Soft, smooth, beautiful and delicate, joyful
135.Najwa  Whisper, private conversation
136.NazraRadiance, joyfulness
137.NawaSeed, kernel
138.Nazira  Happy, joyful, one whose face is glowing with happiness
139.NuhaSense, intelligence
140.NeimaBlessing, something that God has blessed you with
141.Nida      Call, supplication
142.OulaFirst, feminine form of Awwal
143.Omnia, UmniaWish, desire
144.Orub, UrubDevoted, loving, full of love
145.OyunEyes, plural of Ain. Can also mean springs, fountains
146.QiblaRefers to the direction of the Kaaba, which Muslims face during prayer
147.QanitatDevout ones, pious ones
148.QayimaUpright, one who stands late at night in prayer
149.Qayima, QaimaUpright, correct
150.Qurra, QurratComfort
151.Radiya, RaziyaContent one, pleased one
152.Raafa, RafaKindness, sympathy
153.RabwaHighland, hill
154.Rasiyat Massive, Towering
155.RafiaHigh, exalted, sublime, that which raises [something]
157.Ruya, RoyaDream, vision
158.Riyah    Gales, strong winds, fragrant smells
159.RuhamaKind and merciful ones
160.SafaA hill in Mecca
162.SabiratPatient ones
163.Sabirin, SabrinPatient ones
164.SadaqaCharity, things given for charity
168.SaihatTravelers, ones who fast
169.SaimatFasting ones
170.SamaaSky, heaven
171.Sakina  Serenity, tranquility
172.SalihatGood deeds
173.SalwaConsolation, bringer of happiness, quail
174.SanaFlash, glitter
175.SamarFruit, result
176.SamaraFruit, result
177.SamaratFruits, results
178.SamawatHeavens, skies, plural of Samaa
179.Saratimes of happiness and ease, good times
180.Sanabil Plural of sunbul (ear of what/corn)
181.SidraLote tree
183.ShifaCure, recovery
184.ShuhadaMartyrs, witnesses
185.SibghaColor, dye
186.SiddiqaPious and virtuous
187.Sunbula               Ear of wheat, ear of corn, spike
188.Silsila    Series, chain
189.SimaAppearance, characteristic, sign
190.SubatSleep, slumber
192.SundusFine silk, silk brocade
193.SunbulatEars of wheat, ears of corn, spikes
194.TareeqaRoad, path, way, manner
197.Tilawa  Recitation
198.Tasmia To name, to mention the name of Allah, to say bismillah
199.Tawba  Repentance
200.TawsiaTo give a commandment
201.Tayiba, TaibaGood, pious, not corrupt
202.TayibatGood things, things permitted by God
203.Tulu, Tulou, TolouTo rise, to shine (as in sunrise)
205.Tuqat   God-consciousness
206.Ummah               Nation, community
207.Uswa    Example, model, pattern
210.WahidaOne, a single one, unique
211.Warda  Flower, rose
212.WasilaMeans, course, route, medium
213.Wasiyyah            Commandment, will, advice, bequest
214.Yusra    Ease, lack of hardship and obstacles
216.Yusr      Ease, lack of obstacles and complexities
217.ZakiratOnes who remember God
218.Zahab, Dahab   Gold
219.ZahraFlower, splendor
220.Zaitun  olive, olive tree
221.Zaituna, ZaytunahOlive, olive tree
223.ZakiyaPure, good
224.Zeenah or ZeenatBeautification
225.ZikraRemembrance, memory
226.ZilalShades, things that provide refuge from sunlight, such as trees
227.Zullah   Dark cloud
228.Ziyada  Increase, extra
229.Zuha, ZohaMorning, mid-morning, forenoon
230.Zulfaa   Close, near
231.ZulfahClose, near, not to be confused with Zulfaa (though they have the same meaning)

Direct Quranic Girls Names

 (Boys and girls)

1.AalaHighest, supreme
2.Aafaaq Horizons 
3.AaliHigh, sublime
4.AbsarPlural of basar (eye-sight, vision)
6.AbidWorshiper of God
7.AemaLeaders, plural of imam
8.AfsahMore eloquent
9.AfnanIntertwined branches of trees
10.AinEye, spring, fountain
13.AinainTwo eyes, two springs, two fountains, plural of Ain
14.AinanTwo eyes, two springs, two fountains, plural of Ain
16.AlwanColors, shades plural of laun
18.AnamGod’s creatures, all living things on earth
20.AnoumGod’s blessings
24.AtaGift, gift from God
26.AsbabMeans, causes, factors
27.AtqaMore conscious of God
28.Athar, AsarMark, print, effect, footprint
29.AtiqMost ancient, most noble
30.AtwarShapes and forms, states, phases, stages
31.AwliyaAllies, friends
32.AwfaMost faithful, more fulfilling, more complete
33.Awtad  Stakes, poles, pillars
35.AydiHands, power, strength, capability
36.Ayan or IyanTime, when
37.AydinPower, strength, this is a non-standard. Read more about this here.
38.AzanAnnouncement, call to prayer
39.BahijBeautiful, charming, graceful
40.BadrFull moon and the name of a battle in Islamic history
41.BasairClear proofs, enlightening proofs
42.BahjaJoyfulness, radiance
43.Baka, BakkaAnother name for Mecca
44.BarzakhInterval, divider, partition
45.BisatCarpet, floor covering, spread, expanse
47.DinarGold coin
48.DaniClose, near, hanging low
49.Dawa, DawahInvitation, evangelism (to call others to Islam)
50.FajrDawn, morning twilight
51.Diyar, DiarHomeland
52.FuratCold and refreshing water
54.FirdausAnother name for Paradise, or a place in Paradise
55.FusilatDetailed, elaborate, well explained
57.Ghurub               Sunset
58.HadeesSpeech, news, story, narrations
59.HafiKind, gracious, gentle
60.HadidIron (the mineral), sharp, perceptive
61.HazFortune, luck
62.HamimClose friend, intimate friend
63.HananAffection, love
65.Hosn, HusnBeauty, goodness
66.Hikma  Wisdom
67.HisanBeautiful ones, good-looking ones
68.HosbanCalculation, computation
69.HunainName of a battle in Islamic history
70.HunafaOnes who are devoted to God, ones who believe in God’s oneness
72.IbadServants of God, plural of Abd
73.IkramCommendation, tribute, to honor someone
74.IhsanGood deeds, kindness
75.ImanFaith in God
77.IshraqTo radiate, to shine, for the sun to rise
79.Isha, EishaLife
80.IstighfarTo ask for forgiveness from God
81.IslahTo fix and improve, to remove corruption
83.JazaReward, recompense
87.JaziSufficient, a person who removes your need for other people
88.KashifDiscoverer, remover (of a cover, or a difficulty)
92.Kawkab               Planet, star, it refers to any celestial object that shines in the night sky
93.KhalisPure, untainted
94.KhayrGood, goodness, good deeds, better
96.MafazVictory, to win
97.MaabPlace of recourse, retreat, refers to Paradise
98.Madad Aid, assistance
99.MaeenFountain, spring
100.MaknunCovered, hidden, protected
101.MaghribWest, sunset
102.MaisurEasy, without obstacles and hardship
103.Makka A city in Saudi Arabia
104.MaribGoal, aim, purpose
105.MaljaShelter, refuge
106.Manazil               Phases of the moon
107.MarhabaGreeting, welcome
108.MiadDate, appointment, an arrangement to meet or visit somebody at a particular time and place
109.MarjanCoral, red coral
110.Marzat Contentment, God’s contentment toward humans, approval
112.MawazinBalances, scales
113.MihrabPart of a mosque where the imam usually prays, known as mihrab in English as well.
114.Midad  Ink, fountain pen
115.Mihadflat land, plain
117.Minhaj Path, way of life, curriculum
118.MirsadAmbush, watch, observation
119.Misaq   Covenant
120.MubinClear, apparent, radiant
121.Misk     Musk
122.MoumininBelievers, plural of Moumin
124.Muneer              Brilliant, luminous
125.MuntahaUltimate goal, ultimate destiny, final destination
126.MursaTo dock, to anchor [a ship]
127.MutahirPurifier, pure
128.MusaffaPurified, not to be confused with Mustafa
129.MusammaDefinite, determined, specified
130.MustatarWritten down, recorded
131.Muzn, MoznRain-bearing cloud
132.MutmaenOne whose heart is at peace
133.Niam, NeamGod’s blessings
135.NajatSalvation, rescue
136.NazidArranged, organized, ranked one above another, stratiform
137.Nujum Stars
138.Noor or NurLight, radiance
139.OsulRoots [of a plant], trunks, figuratively principles, essentials
141.Olia, UlyaHighest, loftiest, upmost
142.OmamNations, plural of Ummah
143.QararCalm, serenity, tranquility, stability
144.QabasEmber, piece of burning wood
145.QalamBrush, pencil, quill
147.QuwaStrength, power
148.QistJustice, equity
149.RamzMark, symbol, gesture
150.RaghadAffluence, ease, prosperity
151.Ramad Dust
152.Ramadan9th month of the Islamic calendar
153.RizwaanContentment, God’s contentment toward humans
154.RawahDeparture, leaving, evening, rest
156.Rayhan, RihanFragrance, scented plants
157.RumanPomegranates, pomegranate trees
158.RukhaGentle wind, soft breeze
159.SabeelWay, path
160.SababCause, drive, factor, impetus, means
162.SakinSerene, tranquil, unmoving, stationary
164.SainaaArabic name for Mount Sinai
165.SawabGoodly reward
167.SalsabilCool and refreshing pure water
169.Shan, ShaanStatus, rank, matter, business, engagement
170.SenuanMultiple palm trees that grow from the same root
171.ShahadaMartyrdom, to be a witness
173.Sinin     Another name for for Mount Sinai, synonym of Saina
174.Shuhub               Shooting stars
175.ShukrThanks, gratitude
176.SidqTruthfulness, to acknowledge the truth, to acknowledge God’s existence
177.Sidratul MuntahaLote Tree of the Utmost Boundry, the name of a tree in heaven
178.SulhPeace, armistice , truce
181.Siyam, SiamFast (to refrain from food and drink)
182.Subul, SobolPaths, plural of Sabeel
183.SudurChests, figuratively means hearts
184.TamhidPreparation, to ease and facilitate
187.TakbirTo glorify God
189.Tasnim Name of a spring in Paradise
190.TaqwaMindfulness of God, fear of God
191.Taqwim               Correction, rectification, stature, form, design
192.TasbitReinforcement, situating, stabilization, substantiation
194.Tatheer               Purification
195.Urush, OrushThrones, ceilings
196.WaadPromise, covenant
198.YaminRight side
199.ZumarThrongs, groups
201.ZikrRemembrance of God

Direct Quranic Girls Names

  • Aayat =name meaning= Verses, messages, signs. Plural of Ayah.
  • Aan =name meaning= This moment, right now, mature, ripe.
  • Aayun =name meaning= Eyes.
  • Abidat =name meaning= Worshipers of God.
  • Adn =name meaning= Bliss, eternal residence, Eden in English.
  • Adha =name meaning= More sensible, more intelligent, more severe.
  • Aezza =name meaning= Mighty ones, respected and noble ones.
  • Adna =name meaning= Closest.
  • Aghnia =name meaning= Rich ones, needless ones.
  • Afida =name meaning= Hearts, consciences.

islamic baby girl names from quran

  • Aliah =name meaning= Sublime.
  • Ahda =name meaning= Better guided.
  • Ajniha =name meaning= Wings.
  • Ala =name meaning= Blessings, favors, wonders.
  • Amanaat =name meaning= Deposits, trusts, things that are given to another person for safekeeping.
  • Amana =name meaning= Trustworthiness, and something left with another person for safekeeping.
  • Anaba =name meaning= He/she returned to God and became virtuous, this is a past-tense verb used as a noun.
  • Amani =name meaning= Wish, hope.
  • Amina =name meaning= Safe, secure.
  • Anamta =name meaning= You have blessed, it is a phrase taken from Surat al-Fatiha, the speech is directed at God.

islamic girl names with a

  • Aqsa =name meaning= Farthest, it is the name of a mosque in Jerusalem.
  • Aqiba =name meaning= Result, aftermath, consequence.
  • Asifa =name meaning= Storm, stormy, wind that blows forcefully.
  • Asal =name meaning= Honey.
  • Asar =name meaning=  Remnant, trace.
  • Aula, Awla =name meaning= More deserving.
  • Asma =name meaning= Names.
  • Ayah =name meaning= Verse, sign, proof.
  • Banan =name meaning= Fingertips.
  • Bariza =name meaning= Eminent, prominent.

names of holy quran in arabic girl

  • Baqiya =name meaning= Remaining, lasting.
  • Barakaat =name meaning= Blessings.
  • Bayyina =name meaning= Clear sign, clear proof.
  • Basiqat =name meaning= High, lofty and towering [things], refers to palm trees in the Quran.
  • Basira =name meaning= Clear proof.
  • Bazigha =name meaning= Shining, radiant, rising.
  • Bayyinat =name meaning= Clear signs and proofs.
  • Bayza =name meaning= White, feminine of Abyaz.
  • Bushra =name meaning= Good news, glad tidings.
  • Bukra =name meaning= Early, early part of the day, dawn, morning.

muslim names girl

  • Dua =name meaning= Prayer, supplication, call.
  • Daniya =name meaning= Close, near.
  • Dunya =name meaning= Worldly life, literally means the closest one.
  • Eelaf, Ilaf, Elaf =name meaning= Pact, agreement, covenant, safety.
  • Ein, Iyn =name meaning= One who has beautiful large eyes.
  • Fizzah =name meaning= Silver (the metal).
  • Fida =name meaning= To free a captive.
  • Hafizat =name meaning= Protectors.
  • Hadaiq =name meaning= Gardens.
  • Hadiya =name meaning= Gift.
  • Hasanat =name meaning= Good deeds.
  • Harir =name meaning= Silk.
  • Hasana =name meaning= Good deed.
  • Hilya =name meaning= Jewel, trinket, any item used for adornment.
  • Hoor =name meaning= Houris, companions of Paradise.
  • Husna =name meaning= That which is best, good deed, beautiful.
  • Huda =name meaning= Guidance.

quran girl baby names

  • Ibtigha =name meaning= To seek.
  • Ibrah =name meaning= Lesson.
  • Iliyun, Eliyun =name meaning= The highest and most sublime place in Paradise.
  • Iliyeen, Eliyeen =name meaning= The highest and most sublime place in Paradise.
  • Iza, Izza, Eza =name meaning= Might, honor, self-respect and dignity.
  • Imara =name meaning= To visit, to tend.
  • Istabraq =name meaning= Brocade, shiny and shimmering silk.
  • Jannat =name meaning= Plural of Jannah (Paradise).
  • Janna =name meaning= Paradise.
  • Jariya =name meaning= The Sun, ship, stream, unmarried young woman.
  • Jannatain =name meaning= Two gardens, plural of Jannah.
  • Jannatan =name meaning= Two gardens, plural of Jannah.
  • Judi, Judy =name meaning= Name of the mountain that Noah’s Ark landed upon.
  • Kabira =name meaning= Great.
  • Kamila =name meaning= Complete and without shortcomings, mature.
  • Kalima =name meaning= Word.
  • Kalimat =name meaning= Words.

short unique girl names

  • Kashifat                =name meaning= Discoverers, removers of hardship.
  • Kashifa =name meaning= Discoverer, remover of hardship.
  • Kawsar, Kausar =name meaning= Abundance, and possibly the name of a fountain in Paradise.
  • Kathira, Katheera =name meaning= Much, abundant.
  • Khashiat =name meaning= Ones who fear God.
  • Khairat =name meaning= Good things, good ones.
  • Khalisa  =name meaning= Genuine, noble, fresh, untainted, exclusive.
  • Kunuz =name meaning= Treasures.
  • Kubra =name meaning= Greatest, feminine of Akbar.
  • Layali =name meaning= Nights.
  • Lailah, Laila =name meaning= Night.
  • Layal =name meaning= Nights.
  • Lina =name meaning= Young palm tree, young and delicate thing.

muslim girl names by quran

  • Layyin =name meaning= Gentle, soft.
  • Lulu =name meaning= Pearl.
  • Liqaa =name meaning= To meet, to come face to face with.
  • Madina, Medina =name meaning= City, also refers to a city in Saudi Arabia.
  • Maawa =name meaning= Sanctuary, shelter, residence, refers to Paradise.
  • Mahaba =name meaning= Love, affection.
  • Mafaza =name meaning= Success, safety.
  • Maghfira =name meaning= Forgiveness.
  • Maqsurat =name meaning= Pure and modest ones, reserved ones.
  • Mahya =name meaning= Life, lifetime.
  • Maimana =name meaning= Blessedness, ease and lack of hardship.
  • Maisara =name meaning= Ease, lack of hardship.
  • Marhama =name meaning= Mercy, compassion.
  • Marah =name meaning= Fun, joy.
  • Marfuah =name meaning= Raised, high, sublime.

Popular Islamic Girl Names

  • Maryam =name meaning= Arabic for Mary, mother of Prophet Isa (Jesus).
  • Marufa =name meaning= Good, customary.
  • Marwa =name meaning= Name of a landmark in Mecca.
  • Mastour =name meaning= Written, recorded, if spelled as مَسْتُوْر, it becomes a different name that is more common and has the same English spelling, it will mean hidden, covered (1 Quranic mention).
  • Marzia =name meaning= Cause for contentment, a person that God is pleased with.
  • Masaaba =name meaning= Refuge, place of resort.
  • Mawiza =name meaning= Advice, admonition.
  • Masuba =name meaning= Reward.
  • Mawada =name meaning= Affection, goodwill.
  • Milla =name meaning= Creed, doctrine, refers to prophet Ibrahim’s way of life in the Quran.
  • Miesha =name meaning= Livelihood.
  • Mubaraka =name meaning= Blessed.
  • Mishkat                =name meaning= Niche.
  • Mouminat =name meaning= Believers.

powerful islamic girl names

  • Mubsira =name meaning= Well-informed, skilled, keen, intelligent.
  • Mubashirat =name meaning= Bringers of good news.
  • Mubayinat =name meaning= Clear, self-explanatory, lucid, plural of mubayina.
  • Mumina =name meaning= Believer, feminine of Mumin.
  • Mufsira =name meaning= Beaming with happiness.
  • Muhajirat =name meaning= Ones who have migrated for the cause of God.
  • Muhita =name meaning= Encompassing, aware of, knowledgeable about.
  • Muhsinat =name meaning= Doers of good deeds.
  • Mustabshira =name meaning= One who is rejoicing after receiving good news.
  • Muslima =name meaning= Feminine of Muslim.
  • Muslimat =name meaning= Female Muslim.
  • Mutmaina =name meaning= Sure-hearted, one whose heart is at peace.
  • Mutahara =name meaning= Pure.
  • Mutasadiqat =name meaning= Givers of charity.

N Arabic girl’s names

  • Nafila =name meaning= Gift, present, something given as an addition to something else that was given.
  • Naama, Naema =name meaning= Abundance, comfort, luxury.
  • Nakhla =name meaning= Palm tree
  • Naimah, Naema               =name meaning= Soft, smooth, beautiful and delicate, joyful.
  • Najwa =name meaning= Whisper, private conversation.
  • Nazra =name meaning= Radiance, joyfulness.
  • Nawa =name meaning= Seed, kernel.
  • Nazira =name meaning= Happy, joyful, one whose face is glowing with happiness.
  • Nuha =name meaning= Sense, intelligence.
  • Neima =name meaning= Blessing, something that God has blessed you with.
  • Nida =name meaning= Call, supplication.

Direct quranic baby girl names with meaning

  • Oula =name meaning= First, feminine form of Awwal.
  • Omnia, Umnia =name meaning= Wish, desire.
  • Orub, Urub =name meaning=Devoted, loving, full of love.
  • Oyun =name meaning= Eyes, plural of Ain. Can also mean springs, fountains.
  • Qibla =name meaning= Refers to the direction of the Kaaba, which Muslims face during prayer.
  • Qanitat =name meaning= Devout ones, pious ones.
  • Qayima =name meaning= Upright, one who stands late at night in prayer.
  • Qayima, Qaima =name meaning= Upright, correct.
  • Qurra, Qurrat =name meaning= Comfort.

modern muslim girl names starting with r

  • Radiya, Raziya =name meaning= Content one, pleased one.
  • Raafa, Rafa =name meaning= Kindness, sympathy.
  • Rabwa =name meaning= Highland, hill.
  • Rasiyat =name meaning= Massive, Towering.
  • Rafia =name meaning= High, exalted, sublime, that which raises [something].
  • Rahma =name meaning= Mercy.
  • Ruya, Roya =name meaning= Dream, vision.
  • Riyah =name meaning= Gales, strong winds, fragrant smells.
  • Ruhama =name meaning= Kind and merciful ones.

muslim girl names starting with s

  • Safa =name meaning= A hill in Mecca.
  • Sabira =name meaning= Patient.
  • Sabirat =name meaning= Patient ones.
  • Sabirin, Sabrin =name meaning= Patient ones.
  • Sadaqa =name meaning= Charity, things given for charity.
  • Sakhra =name meaning= Rock.
  • Sahar =name meaning= Dawn.
  • Sahiba =name meaning= Companion.
  • Saihat =name meaning= Travelers, ones who fast.
  • Saimat =name meaning= Fasting ones.
  • Samaa =name meaning= Sky, heaven.
  • Sakina =name meaning= Serenity, tranquility.
  • Salihat =name meaning= Good deeds.
  • Salwa =name meaning= Consolation, bringer of happiness, quail.
  • Sana =name meaning= Flash, glitter.
  • Samar =name meaning= Fruit, result.

Direct Quranic Girls Names

  • Samara =name meaning= Fruit, result.
  • Samarat =name meaning= Fruits, results.
  • Samawat =name meaning= Heavens, skies, plural of Samaa.
  • Sara =name meaning= times of happiness and ease, good times.
  • Sanabil  =name meaning= Plural of sunbul (ear of what/corn).
  • Sidra =name meaning= Lote tree.
  • Shahadat =name meaning= Testimonies.
  • Shifa =name meaning= Cure, recovery.
  • Shuhada =name meaning= Martyrs, witnesses.
  • Sibgha =name meaning= Color, dye.
  • Siddiqa =name meaning= Pious and virtuous.
  • Sunbula =name meaning= Ear of wheat, ear of corn, spike.
  • Silsila =name meaning= Series, chain.
  • Sima =name meaning= Appearance, characteristic, sign.
  • Subat =name meaning= Sleep, slumber.
  • Sujud =name meaning= Prostration.
  • Sundus =name meaning= Fine silk, silk brocade.
  • Sunbulat =name meaning= Ears of wheat, ears of corn, spikes.

arabic girl names

  • Tareeqa =name meaning= Road, path, way, manner.
  • Tabsira =name meaning= Enlightenment.
  • Tahiyya =name meaning= Greeting.
  • Tilawa =name meaning= Recitation.
  • Tasmia =name meaning= To name, to mention the name of Allah, to say bismillah.
  • Tawba =name meaning= Repentance.
  • Tawsia =name meaning= To give a commandment.
  • Tayiba, Taiba =name meaning= Good, pious, not corrupt.
  • Tayibat =name meaning= Good things, things permitted by God.
  • Tulu, Tulou, Tolou =name meaning= To rise, to shine (as in sunrise).
  • Tuba =name meaning= Blessedness.
  • Tuqat =name meaning= God-consciousness.

girl names a to z

  • Ummah =name meaning= Nation, community.
  • Uswa =name meaning= Example, model, pattern.
  • Urwa =name meaning= Handhold.
  • Wosta =name meaning= Middle.
  • Wahida =name meaning= One, a single one, unique.
  • Warda =name meaning= Flower, rose.
  • Wasila =name meaning= Means, course, route, medium.
  • Wasiyyah =name meaning= Commandment, will, advice, bequest.
  • Yusra =name meaning= Ease, lack of hardship and obstacles.
  • Yaqut =name meaning= Ruby.
  • Yusr =name meaning= Ease, lack of obstacles and complexities.
  • Zakirat =name meaning= Ones who remember God.
  • Zahab, Dahab =name meaning= Gold.
  • Zahra =name meaning= Flower, splendor.
  • Zaitun =name meaning= olive, olive tree.

beautiful girl names and meanings

  • Zaituna, Zaytunah =name meaning= Olive, olive tree.
  • Ziya =name meaning= Radiance.
  • Zakiya =name meaning= Pure, good.
  • Zeenah or Zeenat =name meaning= Beautification.
  • Zikra =name meaning= Remembrance, memory.
  • Zilal =name meaning= Shades, things that provide refuge from sunlight, such as trees.
  • Zullah =name meaning= Dark cloud.
  • Ziyada =name meaning= Increase, extra.
  • Zuha, Zoha =name meaning= Morning, mid-morning, forenoon.
  • Zulfaa =name meaning= Close, near.
  • Zulfah =name meaning= Close, near, not to be confused with Zulfaa (though they have the same meaning).

Boys and girls

Direct Quranic Boys and Girls Names

  • Aala =name meaning= Highest, supreme.
  • Aafaaq =name meaning= Horizons  .
  • Aali =name meaning= High, sublime.
  • Absar =name meaning= Plural of basar (eye-sight, vision).
  • Ababil =name meaning= Flocks.
  • Abid =name meaning= Worshiper of God.
  • Aema =name meaning= Leaders, plural of imam.
  • Afsah =name meaning= More eloquent.
  • Afnan =name meaning= Intertwined branches of trees.
  • Ain =name meaning= Eye, spring, fountain.
  • Ahd =name meaning= Covenant.
  • Aknan =name meaning= Shelter.
  • Ainain =name meaning= Two eyes, two springs, two fountains, plural of Ain.
  • Ainan =name meaning= Two eyes, two springs, two fountains, plural of Ain.

quranic names with meaning

  • Anhar =name meaning= Rivers.
  • Alwan =name meaning= Colors, shades plural of laun.
  • Amal =name meaning= Hope.
  • Anam =name meaning= God’s creatures, all living things on earth.
  • Arham =name meaning= Compassionate.
  • Anoum =name meaning= God’s blessings.
  • Aqtar =name meaning= Regions.
  • Ariz =name meaning= Clouds.
  • Arsh =name meaning= Throne.
  • Ata =name meaning= Gift, gift from God.
  • Asaal =name meaning= Evenings.
  • Asbab =name meaning= Means, causes, factors.
  • Atqa =name meaning= More conscious of God.

islamic names dictionary

  • Athar, Asar =name meaning= Mark, print, effect, footprint.
  • Atiq =name meaning= Most ancient, most noble.
  • Atwar =name meaning= Shapes and forms, states, phases, stages.
  • Awliya =name meaning= Allies, friends.
  • Awfa =name meaning= Most faithful, more fulfilling, more complete.
  • Awtad =name meaning= Stakes, poles, pillars.
  • Ayam =name meaning= Days.
  • Aydi =name meaning= Hands, power, strength, capability.
  • Ayan or Iyan  =name meaning= Time, when.
  • Aydin =name meaning= Power, strength, this is a non-standard. Read more about this here.
  • Azan =name meaning= Announcement, call to prayer.

beautiful islamic names

  • Bahij =name meaning= Beautiful, charming, graceful.
  • Badr =name meaning= Full moon and the name of a battle in Islamic history.
  • Basair =name meaning= Clear proofs, enlightening proofs.
  • Bahja =name meaning= Joyfulness, radiance.
  • Baka, Bakka =name meaning= Another name for Mecca.
  • Barzakh =name meaning= Interval, divider, partition.
  • Bisat =name meaning= Carpet, floor covering, spread, expanse.
  • Bayan =name meaning= Elucidation.
  • Dinar =name meaning= Gold coin.
  • Dani =name meaning= Close, near, hanging low.
  • Dawa, Dawah =name meaning= Invitation, evangelism (to call others to Islam).
  • Fajr =name meaning= Dawn, morning twilight.
  • Diyar, Diar =name meaning= Homeland.
  • Furat =name meaning= Cold and refreshing water.
  • Fauz =name meaning= Victory.
  • Firdaus =name meaning= Another name for Paradise, or a place in Paradise.
  • Fusilat =name meaning= Detailed, elaborate, well explained.

islamic name list a to z

  • Ghufran =name meaning= Forgiveness.
  • Ghurub =name meaning= Sunset.
  • Hadees =name meaning= Speech, news, story, narrations.
  • Hafi =name meaning= Kind, gracious, gentle.
  • Hadid =name meaning= Iron (the mineral), sharp, perceptive.
  • Haz =name meaning= Fortune, luck.
  • Hamim =name meaning= Close friend, intimate friend.
  • Hanan =name meaning= Affection, love.
  • Hayat =name meaning= Life.
  • Hosn, Husn =name meaning= Beauty, goodness.
  • Hikma =name meaning= Wisdom.
  • Hisan =name meaning= Beautiful ones, good-looking ones.
  • Hosban =name meaning= Calculation, computation.
  • Hunain =name meaning= Name of a battle in Islamic history.
  • Hunafa =name meaning= Ones who are devoted to God, ones who believe in God’s oneness.

quranic baby names islamic

  • Ibada =name meaning= Worship.
  • Ibad =name meaning= Servants of God, plural of Abd.
  • Ikram =name meaning= Commendation, tribute, to honor someone.
  • Ihsan =name meaning= Good deeds, kindness.
  • Iman =name meaning= Faith in God.
  • Iqra =name meaning= Read.
  • Ishraq =name meaning= To radiate, to shine, for the sun to rise.
  • Isbah =name meaning= Daybreak.
  • Isha, Eisha =name meaning= Life.
  • Istighfar =name meaning= To ask for forgiveness from God.
  • Islah =name meaning= To fix and improve, to remove corruption.
  • Islam =name meaning= Submission.
  • Jaza =name meaning= Reward, recompense.
  • Jabal =name meaning= Mountain.
  • Jadid =name meaning= New.
  • Jibal =name meaning= Mountains.
  • Jazi =name meaning= Sufficient, a person who removes your need for other people.

Baby Names For Boys And Girls

  • Kashif =name meaning= Discoverer, remover (of a cover, or a difficulty).
  • Kalam =name meaning= Speech.
  • Kanz =name meaning= Treasure.
  • Khilal =name meaning= Friendship.
  • Kawkab =name meaning= Planet, star, it refers to any celestial object that shines in the night sky.
  • Khalis =name meaning= Pure, untainted.
  • Khayr =name meaning= Good, goodness, good deeds, better.
  • Lail =name meaning= Night.
  • Mafaz =name meaning= Victory, to win.
  • Maab =name meaning= Place of recourse, retreat, refers to Paradise.
  • Madad =name meaning= Aid, assistance.
  • Maeen =name meaning= Fountain, spring.
  • Maknun =name meaning= Covered, hidden, protected.
  • Maghrib =name meaning= West, sunset.
  • Maisur =name meaning= Easy, without obstacles and hardship.
  • Makka =name meaning= A city in Saudi Arabia.
  • Marib =name meaning= Goal, aim, purpose.

Boys & Girls Name from Quran with Meaning

  • Malja =name meaning= Shelter, refuge.
  • Manazil  =name meaning= Phases of the moon.
  • Marhaba =name meaning= Greeting, welcome.
  • Miad =name meaning= Date, appointment, an arrangement to meet or visit somebody at a particular time and place.
  • Marjan =name meaning= Coral, red coral.
  • Marzat =name meaning= Contentment, God’s contentment toward humans, approval.
  • Mashariq =name meaning= Sunrises.
  • Mawazin =name meaning= Balances, scales.
  • Mihrab =name meaning= Part of a mosque where the imam usually prays, known as mihrab in English as well.
  • Midad =name meaning= Ink, fountain pen.
  • Mihad =name meaning= flat land, plain.
  • Misbah =name meaning= Lamp.
  • Minhaj =name meaning= Path, way of life, curriculum.
  • Mirsad =name meaning= Ambush, watch, observation.
  • Misaq =name meaning= Covenant.

islamic baby names

  • Mubin =name meaning= Clear, apparent, radiant.
  • Misk =name meaning= Musk.
  • Mouminin =name meaning= Believers, plural of Moumin.
  • Mursalin =name meaning= Messengers.
  • Muntaha =name meaning= Ultimate goal, ultimate destiny, final destination.
  • Muneer =name meaning= Brilliant, luminous.
  • Mursa =name meaning= To dock, to anchor [a ship].
  • Mutahir =name meaning= Purifier, pure.
  • Musaffa =name meaning= Purified, not to be confused with Mustafa.
  • Musamma =name meaning= Definite, determined, specified.
  • Mustatar =name meaning= Written down, recorded.
  • Muzn, Mozn =name meaning= Rain-bearing cloud.
  • Mutmaen =name meaning= One whose heart is at peace.

unique muslim names

  • Niam, Neam =name meaning= God’s blessings.
  • Nahar =name meaning= Daytime.
  • Najat =name meaning= Salvation, rescue.
  • Nazid =name meaning= Arranged, organized, ranked one above another, stratiform.
  • Nujum =name meaning= Stars.
  • Noor or Nur =name meaning= Light, radiance.
  • Osul =name meaning= Roots [of a plant], trunks, figuratively principles, essentials.
  • Ola =name meaning= Highest.
  • Olia, Ulya =name meaning= Highest, loftiest, upmost.
  • Omam =name meaning= Nations, plural of Ummah.
  • Qarar =name meaning= Calm, serenity, tranquility, stability.
  • Qabas =name meaning= Ember, piece of burning wood.
  • Qalam =name meaning= Brush, pencil, quill.
  • Qamar =name meaning= Moon.
  • Quwa =name meaning= Strength, power.
  • Qist =name meaning= Justice, equity.

islamic names dictionary

  • Ramz =name meaning= Mark, symbol, gesture.
  • Raghad =name meaning= Affluence, ease, prosperity.
  • Ramad =name meaning= Dust.
  • Ramadan =name meaning= 9th month of the Islamic calendar.
  • Rizwaan =name meaning= Contentment, God’s contentment toward humans.
  • Rawah =name meaning= Departure, leaving, evening, rest.
  • Rawasi =name meaning= Mountains.
  • Rayhan, Rihan =name meaning= Fragrance, scented plants.
  • Ruman =name meaning= Pomegranates, pomegranate trees.
  • Rukha =name meaning= Gentle wind, soft breeze.
  • Sabeel =name meaning= Way, path.
  • Sabab =name meaning= Cause, drive, factor, impetus, means.
  • Sabah =name meaning= Morning.
  • Sakin =name meaning= Serene, tranquil, unmoving, stationary.

55 names of holy quran in arabic girl

  • Sahab =name meaning= Clouds.
  • Sainaa =name meaning= Arabic name for Mount Sinai.
  • Sawab =name meaning= Goodly reward.
  • Salam =name meaning= Peace.
  • Salsabil =name meaning= Cool and refreshing pure water.
  • Sarab =name meaning= Mirage.
  • Shan, Shaan =name meaning= Status, rank, matter, business, engagement.
  • Senuan =name meaning= Multiple palm trees that grow from the same root.
  • Shahada =name meaning= Martyrdom, to be a witness.
  • Shams =name meaning= Sun.
  • Sinin =name meaning= Another name for for Mount Sinai, synonym of Saina.
  • Shuhub =name meaning= Shooting stars.
  • Shukr =name meaning= Thanks, gratitude.
  • Sidq =name meaning= Truthfulness, to acknowledge the truth, to acknowledge God’s existence.
  • Sidratul Muntaha =name meaning= Lote Tree of the Utmost Boundry, the name of a tree in heaven.
  • Sulh =name meaning= Peace, armistice , truce.
  • Siraj =name meaning= Lamp.
  • Sirat =name meaning= Path.
  • Siyam, Siam =name meaning= Fast (to refrain from food and drink).
  • Subul, Sobol =name meaning= Paths, plural of Sabeel.
  • Sudur =name meaning= Chests, figuratively means hearts.
  • Tamhid =name meaning= Preparation, to ease and facilitate.
  • Tafsir =name meaning= Interpretation.
  • Tahur =name meaning= Pure.
  • Takbir =name meaning= To glorify God.

top 10 quranic girl names

  • Taklim =name meaning= Speech.
  • Tasnim =name meaning= Name of a spring in Paradise.
  • Taqwa =name meaning= Mindfulness of God, fear of God.
  • Taqwim =name meaning= Correction, rectification, stature, form, design.
  • Tasbit =name meaning= Reinforcement, situating, stabilization, substantiation.
  • Turab =name meaning= Dust.
  • Tatheer=name meaning= Purification.
  • Urush, Orush =name meaning= Thrones, ceilings.
  • Waad =name meaning=Promise, covenant.
  • Yaqeen =name meaning= Certainty.
  • Yamin =name meaning= Right side.
  • Zumar =name meaning= Throngs, groups.
  • Zakat =name meaning= Purification.
  • Zikr =name meaning= Remembrance of God.
  • Nahr =name meaning= River.

Hope those who want to name Muslim girls and to name your newborn baby girl can learn the meaning of many names of girls from the Quran through this post.

Sometimes the meaning of a name can be different in different contexts because a word does not only have one meaning but also many meanings. Here mostly one meaning of the name is given but in many places the same name may have different meanings. So if you like the name, you can try to know the meaning of this name in different ways.

Note: While naming your child, you can ask any scholar whether the name can be kept. Or you can consult with your favorite imam saab.

*** Name children with good meaning. Names with good meaning are children’s rights ***

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