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Direct Quranic Baby Names For Boys And Girls | 789+islamic name

Through this post you can know the meaning of boys and girls names directly from Quran (789+ Direct Quranic Baby Names).

If you are searching online for boys’ names from Quran and girls’ names from Quran, this post is for you. Through this post, you will get children’s names with meanings directly from the Quran (Direct Quranic Baby Names). You don’t have to search hard anymore. Hope you can find a good name from here. For your convenience, the names of boys and girls are given together in this post.

Below are the names of boys from the Qur’an and the names of girls from the Qur’an:

সূচিপত্র (Table of Contents)

Direct Quranic Baby Names For Boys

 (Islamic baby boy names from quran)

Direct Quranic Boy Names

SLName Meaning
1.Aaz-name meaning-Mightiest
2.Abdullah-name meaning-Servant of Allah
3.Abyaz-name meaning-White
4.Abidin-name meaning-Worshipers of God
5.Adl-name meaning-Justice
6.Adam-name meaning-Name of a prophet, the first human being
7.Afin-name meaning-Ones who forgive others
8.Ahad-name meaning-One,  single,  unique
9.Ahmad-name meaning-Praiseworthy
10.Ahaq-name meaning-More deserving, worthier
11.Ahkam-name meaning-Firm, best at judging, most wise
12.Ahsan-name meaning-Best
13.Aiman-name meaning-Blessed
14.Ajr-name meaning-Reward
15.Akbar-name meaning-Greatest
16.Akifun-name meaning-Ones who stay at the mosque overnight to worship
17.Akif-name meaning-One who stays at the mosque overnight to worship God
18.Akifin-name meaning-Ones who stay at the mosque overnight to worship
19.Akram-name meaning-Extremely generous
20.Ali-name meaning-High, exalted, sublime
21.Albab-name meaning-Sense, intelligence
22.Aleem-name meaning-Expert, extremely knowledgeable
23.Allam-name meaning-Extremely knowlegeable
24.Alim-name meaning-Knowledgeable, expert, scholar
25.Alimin-name meaning-Knowledgeable ones
26.Alimun -name meaning-Knowledgeable ones
27.Amin-name meaning-Trustworthy
28.Amad-name meaning-Duration, period of time
29.Aminun-name meaning-Safe ones
30.Aminin -name meaning-Safe ones, unharmed ones
31.Ansar-name meaning-Supporters
32.Ana-name meaning-Moments
33.Aqrab-name meaning-Closer, closest
34.Aqlam-name meaning-Pens
35.Ashaab-name meaning-Friends, companions
36.Aqsat-name meaning-Most just, fairer, most just
37.Asdaq-name meaning-More trustworthy
38.Asghar -name meaning-Smaller, younger
39.Ashhad-name meaning-Witnesses, plural of shahid
40.Asif-name meaning-Stormy
41.Asim-name meaning-Protector
42.Awab-name meaning-Repentant, one who always returns to God
43.Awal-name meaning-First
44.Awabin-name meaning-Ones who repent
45.Awsat-name meaning-Moderate
46.Ayub-name meaning-Name of a prophet, known as Job in English
47.Azim-name meaning-Great, Magnificent
48.Azm-name meaning-Resolve, resolution, firmness of will
49.Aziz-name meaning-Beloved, honored, mighty
50.Baqi-name meaning-Remaining, lasting
51.Bab-name meaning-Door, gateway
52.Bahr-name meaning-Sea
53.Balagh-name meaning-Proclamation, declaration, announcement
54.Basar-name meaning-Eyesight, vision
55.Bashir-name meaning-Bringer of good news
56.Basit-name meaning-Spreader, one whose arms are spread wide, figuratively it means generous
57.Basir-name meaning-Perceptive
58.Bazigh-name meaning-Shining, radiant, rising
59.Bihar-name meaning-Seas
60.Burhan-name meaning-Proof
61.Bunyan-name meaning-Structure, formation
62.Dalil-name meaning-Guide, indication
63.Dabir, Daber-name meaning-Roots, lineage, ancestry
64.Daee-name meaning-Caller, evangelist, one who calls others to Islam
65.Dawud-name meaning-Name of a prophet, David in English
66.Faizun  -name meaning-Winners
67.Eid-name meaning-Festival, day of festivity
68.Fatah-name meaning-Opener, one who solves a difficult problem, one who judges between two sides
69.Fariq-name meaning-Group of people, clan
70.Fasl-name meaning-Season (of the year), chapter, part, discernment
71.Fazl-name meaning-Courtesy, good deed, superiority
72.Fuad-name meaning-Conscience, heart
73.Ghafur -name meaning-Forgiving
74.Ghafar-name meaning-Forgiving
75.Ghalib-name meaning-Victor, overcomer
76.Ghafir-name meaning-Forgiver
77.Ghafirin-name meaning-Forgivers
78.Ghalibun-name meaning-Winners, overcomers, dominant ones
79.Ghani-name meaning-Rich, needless
80.Golam, Gholam, Ghulam-name meaning-Boy, lad, youth
81.Hadi-name meaning-Guide
82.Hafiz-name meaning-Protector, one who has memorized the entire Quran
83.Hafeez-name meaning-Protector
84.Hafizin-name meaning-Protectors, guardians
85.Hafizun-name meaning-Protectors
86.Halim-name meaning-Forbearing, kind
87.Hakim-name meaning-Wise
88.Hanif-name meaning-Devoted to God, one who believes in one God, upright in faith
89.Hamd-name meaning-Thanks, praise
90.Hameed-name meaning-Praiseworthy
91.Haris-name meaning-Desirous, eager, keen
92.Haq-name meaning-Truth
93.Haqiq-name meaning-Befitting, suitable, obligated
94.Hasan   -name meaning-Good, good-looking
95.Harun-name meaning-Name of a prophet, Aaron in English
96.Hud, Houd-name meaning-Name of a prophet
97.Idris-name meaning-Name of a prophet
98.Ibrahim               -name meaning-Name of a Prophet, Abraham in English
99.Il Yasin, Elyasin, Ilyasin, El Yasin-name meaning-Name of a prophet, also known as Elias in the Quran
100.Ikhwan-name meaning-Brothers
101.Imad, Emad-name meaning-Pillars
102.Ilm-name meaning-Knowledge, science
103.Ilyas-name meaning-Name of a prophet, Elijah in English
104.Ismail-name meaning-Name of a prophet, Ishmael in English
105.Imran-name meaning-Name of the father of Maryam, mother of Isa (Jesus)
106.Isa-name meaning-Name of a prophet, Jesus in English
107.Ishaq or Isaac-name meaning-Name of a prophet, Isaac in English
108.Jamil-name meaning-Beautiful
109.Jalal-name meaning-Eminence, prestige, superbness
110.Jamal-name meaning-Beauty
111.Jihad-name meaning-Struggle in the cause of God
112.Jibreel-name meaning-Name of an angel, Gabriel in English
113.Karim-name meaning-Generous, noble
114.Kabir-name meaning-Great
115.Kafil-name meaning-Sponsor, surety, responsible
116.Khabir-name meaning-Expert
117.Kathir-name meaning-Much, a lot
118.Katib-name meaning-Writer, scribe
119.Khalid   -name meaning-Immortal
120.Khalaif-name meaning-Successors, deputies, agents, refers to humans being God’s agents of good on earth
121.Khalidin               -name meaning-Immortal Ones
122.Khalidun-name meaning-Immortal ones
123.Khalifa-name meaning-Successor, deputy, agent
124.Khashiyin-name meaning-Ones who fear God
125.Khalil-name meaning-Close friend
126.Kiram-name meaning-Respected and generous ones
127.Khulafa-name meaning-Deputies, agents, successors
128.Luqman-name meaning-Name of a wise man mentioned in the Quran
129.Latif-name meaning-Gentle, subtly kind
130.Mahmud-name meaning-Praiseworthy
131.Mahd-name meaning-Bed, cradle
132.Mahfuz-name meaning-Protected one
133.Mamdud-name meaning-Extended, extensive, large
134.Majeed               -name meaning-Glorious, honorable
135.Makan-name meaning-Place
136.Makeen-name meaning-Distinguished, influential, deep-rooted
137.Maqam-name meaning-Status, place
138.Mamnun-name meaning-Very thankful, indebted. It can also mean never-ending, uninterrupted
139.Mamoun-name meaning-Safe, away from harm
140.Masaabih-name meaning-Lamps
141.Marqum-name meaning-Labelled, marked
142.Maruf-name meaning-Good, customary
143.Marzi-name meaning-Cause for contentment, a person that God is pleased with
144.Masrur-name meaning-Happy, joyful
145.Mashhad-name meaning-Scene
146.Mashhud-name meaning-Witnessed
147.Mashkur-name meaning-Appreciated
148.Mashreq-name meaning-East
149.Masir-name meaning-Destiny, fate
150.Miqdar-name meaning-Amount, measure
151.Matin-name meaning-Firm, strong
152.Mawid, Moweid-name meaning-Appointment
153.Mazid-name meaning-More
154.Midrar-name meaning-Abundant, copious, exuberant, flowing
155.Mikal-name meaning-Name of an angel
156.Miras-name meaning-Inheritance, heritage
157.Mizan-name meaning-Balance, scales, measure
158.Mouminun-name meaning-Believers
159.Moumin-name meaning-Believer
160.Mubsir -name meaning-Well-informed, skilled, keen, intelligent
161.Mubarak-name meaning-Blessed
162.Mubashir-name meaning-Bringer of good news
163.Mubashirin-name meaning-Bringers of good news
164.Muflihun-name meaning-Successful ones
165.Mubsirun-name meaning-Well-informed ones, skilled ones, keen ones
166.Mudakir-name meaning-One who remembers God, cannot be written as Muzakir
167.Mudasir-name meaning-Wrapped, covered
168.Muflihin-name meaning-Successful ones
169.Muhsinin-name meaning-Doers of good deeds
170.Muhajir-name meaning-Migrator for the cause of God
171.Muhammad, Mohamed-name meaning-Praiseworthy
172.Muhit   -name meaning-Encompassing, aware of, knowledgeable about, ocean, ambiance
173.Muhsin, Mohsen-name meaning-Doer of good deeds
174.Muhtadin-name meaning-Well-guided ones
175.Muhsinun-name meaning-Doers of good deeds
176.Muhtad or Muhtadi-name meaning-Well-guided
177.Mukhlas-name meaning-Chosen
178.Muhtadun-name meaning-Guided ones
179.Mujahidun-name meaning-Ones who struggle in the cause of God
180.Mukhbitin-name meaning-Humble ones
181.Munib-name meaning-One who returns to God, one who always repents
182.Mukhlasin-name meaning-Chosen ones
183.Mukhlis               -name meaning-Devoted, sincere
184.Mukhlisin-name meaning-Sincere ones, devoted ones
185.Mukhlisun-name meaning-Sincere ones
186.Mukramin-name meaning-Respected and honored ones
187.Munzirun-name meaning-Warners
188.Munibin-name meaning-Repenting ones
189.Muntasir-name meaning-Victorious ones, ones supporting each other to attain victory
190.Muntasirin-name meaning-Victorious ones, ones who support each other to attain success
191.Munzir -name meaning-Warner
192.Munzirin-name meaning-Warners
193.Murshid-name meaning-Guide
194.Muqam               -name meaning-Station, resting place, refers to Paradise in the Quran
195.Muqim-name meaning-Resident, permanent, establisher
196.Muqinin-name meaning-Those who have achieved certainty of heart
197.Muslih-name meaning-Reformer, one who improves things
198.Musa-name meaning-Name of a Prophet, Moses in English
199.Musadiq-name meaning-Acknowledger of truth, one who acknowledges God’s existence and powers
200.Musalin-name meaning-Praying ones
201.Mustabin-name meaning-Clear
202.Muslihin-name meaning-Doers of good
203.Muslihun-name meaning-Doers of good, reformers
204.Muslim-name meaning-Muslim, one who has submitted to God
205.Muslimin-name meaning-Muslims, submitters
206.Muslimun-name meaning-Muslims
207.Mustaqir-name meaning-Stable, firmly established, strong
208.Mustabsirin-name meaning-Perceptive, endowed with perception, intelligent
209.Mustafin-name meaning-Chosen ones
210.Mustaghfirin-name meaning-Ones who pray for forgiveness
211.Mustaqar-name meaning-Home, abode, place of residence, used to refer to Paradise
212.Mustaqim-name meaning-Straight
213.Muttaqin-name meaning-Ones who are mindful of God
214.Mustaslimun-name meaning-Ones who have submitted themselves to God
215.Mutaqun-name meaning-Ones who fear God, righteous ones
216.Mutasadiqin-name meaning-Givers of charity
217.Mutmaenin-name meaning-Ones whose hearts are at peace
218.Muzamil-name meaning-Covered
219.Muzakir-name meaning-One who remembers God
220.Naseeb-name meaning-Share, fortune
221.Naeem-name meaning-Bliss
222.Najm-name meaning-Star, stars
223.Naqib-name meaning-Leader, representative
224.Nasr-name meaning-Victory
225.Naseer-name meaning-Helper, supporter
226.Nasih-name meaning-Giver of advice
227.Nasihin-name meaning-Givers of advice
228.Nasihun-name meaning-Givers of advice, well-intentioned and sincere
229.Nasir-name meaning-Supporter
230.Nasirin-name meaning-Supporters
231.Nazeer-name meaning-Warner, one who brings a warning. Used to refer to the Prophet PBUH, because he warns against disobeying God.
232.Nuh, Nooh, Noah-name meaning-Name of a prophet, Noah in English
233.Qadirin-name meaning-Able ones
234.Ozair, Uzair-name meaning-A prophet, Ezra in English
235.Qadeer-name meaning-Extremely capable
236.Qadir    -name meaning-Able, powerful
237.Qanit-name meaning-Devoted to God
238.Qadirun-name meaning-Able ones
239.Qaim-name meaning-Standing, upright, one who stays up late at night to pray
240.Qaimun               -name meaning-Standing ones, upright ones, ones who stay up late at night to pray
241.Qawamun-name meaning-Protectors, maintainers, ones in charge
242.Qanitin-name meaning-Devout ones, pious ones
243.Qanitun-name meaning-Ones who are devoted to God
244.Qarib-name meaning-Near
245.Qawamin-name meaning-Upright ones, those who follow God’s commandments
246.Qiyam-name meaning-To stand upright, to stay up late at night to pray
247.Qawi-name meaning-Strong
248.Qayyim-name meaning-Valid, reasonable, worthy, valuable, precious
249.Qayyum-name meaning-Guardian, sustainer
250.Rafiq-name meaning-Companion, companionship
251.Raafi-name meaning-Exalter, raiser
252.Rafee-name meaning-Exalted, highest
253.Raqim-name meaning-Inscription, letter, message
254.Raghib-name meaning-Seeker, desirous
255.Raghibun-name meaning-Seekers, desirous ones
256.Raheem-name meaning-Merciful
257.Rahimin-name meaning-Ones who are merciful
258.Rauf, Raouf-name meaning-Compassionate, sympathetic
259.Rashad-name meaning-Well-guidedness
260.Rasheed, Rashid-name meaning-Well-guided, mature
261.Rashidun-name meaning-Well-guided ones
262.Rasikhun-name meaning-Ones who are deep-rooted and firmly established
263.Rushd, Roshd-name meaning-Maturity, well-guidedness, sound judgment
264.Sabir-name meaning-Patient
265.Sabiq-name meaning-Competitor, overtaker, foremost
266.Sabiqin-name meaning-Those who compete with others in good deeds
267.Sabiqun-name meaning-Ones who compete with others in goodness
268.Sadiq-name meaning-Tellers of truth
269.Sabirun-name meaning-Patient ones
270.Sabit-name meaning-Firmly established, deep-rooted
271.Sadeeq-name meaning-Friend
272.Safwan-name meaning-Rock
273.Sadiqat-name meaning-Tellers of truth
274.Sadiqin-name meaning-Those who tell the truth
275.Sadiqun               -name meaning-Tellers of truth, trustworthy ones
276.Sajidin-name meaning-Prostrating ones, ones who worship God often
277.Sahib-name meaning-Friend, companion
278.Sahil-name meaning-Beach, river bank, shore
279.Said, Saeed-name meaning-Happy, successful
280.Saimin-name meaning-Fasting ones
281.Sajid-name meaning-Prostrating one
282.Salihin-name meaning-Pious ones
283.Sajidun-name meaning-Prostrating ones
284.Sakhr-name meaning-Rocks
285.Salih-name meaning-Pious, not corrupt
286.Salihain-name meaning-Good and virtuous ones
287.Samer-name meaning-Good friend
288.Salihun-name meaning-Pious and good ones
289.Salim-name meaning-Unharmed, safe and sound, un-corrupt, whole, complete
290.Salimun               -name meaning-Safe and unharmed ones
291.Samee-name meaning-Perceptive, one who hears
292.Shahidin-name meaning-Witnesses
293.Saqib-name meaning-Sharp, penetrating
294.Shadid-name meaning-Strong, severe, intense
295.Shaheed-name meaning-Witness, martyr
296.Shahid-name meaning-Witness
297.Shidad-name meaning-Strong and severe ones
298.Shahidun-name meaning-Witnesses
299.Shakir-name meaning-Thankful
300.Shakirin-name meaning-Thankful ones, appreciative ones
301.Shakirun-name meaning-Thankful ones
302.Shakur-name meaning-Thankful, appreciative, grateful
303.Shuhud-name meaning-Witnesses
304.Shihab-name meaning-Shooting star
305.Shuaib-name meaning-Name of a prophet
306.Sidr-name meaning-A type of tree in Palestine
307.Shukur-name meaning-Thanks, gratitude
308.Siddiq-name meaning-One who always tells the truth, on who acknowledges the truth
309.Siddiqin-name meaning-Pious and virtuous ones, supporters of truth
310.Siddiqun-name meaning-Pious and virtuous ones, supporters of truth
311.Sulaiman-name meaning-Name of a prophet, Solomon in English
312.Subh, Sobh-name meaning-Morning
313.Subut-name meaning-Continuation, constancy, steadiness, validity
314.Taha-name meaning-Two letters of unknown meaning that make up Quran
315.Tafsil-name meaning-To detail, elaboration, details
316.Tafzil-name meaning-To prefer, to give precedence to
317.Talib-name meaning-Seeker
318.Tahwil  -name meaning-Change, alteration, conversion
319.Taqi-name meaning-Mindful of God
320.Taqdir-name meaning-Appraisal, assessment, determination. Can also mean regard, esteem
321.Tasin-name meaning-Two letters of unknown meaning at the start of chapter 27 of the Quran
322.Tareeq-name meaning-Road, way
323.Tariq-name meaning-One who knocks, one who arrives at night, or the name of a star
324.Tasdiq-name meaning-Attestation, endorsement, to say that something is true or good
325.Tayyib-name meaning-Good, virtuous
326.Taslim-name meaning-Surrender, submission
327.Tawab-name meaning-One who repents often. It also means one who accepts repentance, one who forgives others
328.Tawfiq, Taufique-name meaning-Success
329.Tayibin-name meaning-Good and virtuous ones
330.Tayibun               -name meaning-Good and virtuous ones
331.Wahab-name meaning-Generous
332.Wadi     -name meaning-Valley
333.Wadud-name meaning-Loving
334.Wali-name meaning-Governor, prefect, ruler
335.Wahid-name meaning-One, unique
336.Wakil-name meaning-Deputy, agent, trustee
337.Walee-name meaning-Friend, patron
338.Wasat-name meaning-Moderate, medium, in the middle
339.Waqar-name meaning-Calmness, composure, dignity, poise, solemnity
340.Wildan-name meaning-Youths, boys
341.Yaseer -name meaning-Easy, uncomplicated, without obstacles
342.Yahya-name meaning-Name of a prophet, known as John in English
343.Yaqoub-name meaning-Name of a prophet, Jacob in English
344.Yusuf-name meaning-Name of a prophet, Joseph in English.
345.Yazid-name meaning-He increases in virtue, he makes progress
346.Yunus-name meaning-Names of a prophet, known as Jonah in English
347.Zahidin-name meaning-Ascetic, austere, pious
348.Zaheer-name meaning-Supporter
349.Zakirin-name meaning-Ones who remember God
350.Zaif-name meaning-Guest
351.Zaim, Zaeem-name meaning-Leader, in charge, responsible
352.Zakariya-name meaning-Name of a prophet, Zachariah in English
353.Zaki-name meaning-Pure, good
354.Zulkfil-name meaning-Name of a prophet, may mean One who carried out his responsibility
355.Zayd, Zaid-name meaning-Increase, prosperity
356.Zuljalal-name meaning-Majestic

Direct Quranic Baby Names For Boys And Girls

 (Islamic baby girl and boy names from quran)

Direct Quranic Boy Names and Girls Names

SLName Meaning
1.Aala-name meaning-Highest, supreme
2.Aafaaq -name meaning-Horizons 
3.Aali-name meaning-High, sublime
4.Absar-name meaning-Plural of basar (eye-sight, vision)
5.Ababil-name meaning-Flocks
6.Abid-name meaning-Worshiper of God
7.Aema-name meaning-Leaders, plural of imam
8.Afsah-name meaning-More eloquent
9.Afnan-name meaning-Intertwined branches of trees
10.Ain-name meaning-Eye, spring, fountain
11.Ahd-name meaning-Covenant
12.Aknan-name meaning-Shelter
13.Ainain-name meaning-Two eyes, two springs, two fountains, plural of Ain
14.Ainan-name meaning-Two eyes, two springs, two fountains, plural of Ain
15.Anhar-name meaning-Rivers
16.Alwan-name meaning-Colors, shades plural of laun
17.Amal-name meaning-Hope
18.Anam-name meaning-God’s creatures, all living things on earth
19.Arham-name meaning-Compassionate
20.Anoum-name meaning-God’s blessings
21.Aqtar-name meaning-Regions
22.Ariz-name meaning-Clouds
23.Arsh-name meaning-Throne
24.Ata-name meaning-Gift, gift from God
25.Asaal-name meaning-Evenings
26.Asbab-name meaning-Means, causes, factors
27.Atqa-name meaning-More conscious of God
28.Athar, Asar-name meaning-Mark, print, effect, footprint
29.Atiq-name meaning-Most ancient, most noble
30.Atwar-name meaning-Shapes and forms, states, phases, stages
31.Awliya-name meaning-Allies, friends
32.Awfa-name meaning-Most faithful, more fulfilling, more complete
33.Awtad  -name meaning-Stakes, poles, pillars
34.Ayam-name meaning-Days
35.Aydi-name meaning-Hands, power, strength, capability
36.Ayan or Iyan-name meaning-Time, when
37.Aydin-name meaning-Power, strength, this is a non-standard. Read more about this here.
38.Azan-name meaning-Announcement, call to prayer
39.Bahij-name meaning-Beautiful, charming, graceful
40.Badr-name meaning-Full moon and the name of a battle in Islamic history
41.Basair-name meaning-Clear proofs, enlightening proofs
42.Bahja-name meaning-Joyfulness, radiance
43.Baka, Bakka-name meaning-Another name for Mecca
44.Barzakh-name meaning-Interval, divider, partition
45.Bisat-name meaning-Carpet, floor covering, spread, expanse
46.Bayan-name meaning-Elucidation
47.Dinar-name meaning-Gold coin
48.Dani-name meaning-Close, near, hanging low
49.Dawa, Dawah-name meaning-Invitation, evangelism (to call others to Islam)
50.Fajr-name meaning-Dawn, morning twilight
51.Diyar, Diar-name meaning-Homeland
52.Furat-name meaning-Cold and refreshing water
53.Fauz-name meaning-Victory
54.Firdaus-name meaning-Another name for Paradise, or a place in Paradise
55.Fusilat-name meaning-Detailed, elaborate, well explained
56.Ghufran-name meaning-Forgiveness
57.Ghurub               -name meaning-Sunset
58.Hadees-name meaning-Speech, news, story, narrations
59.Hafi-name meaning-Kind, gracious, gentle
60.Hadid-name meaning-Iron (the mineral), sharp, perceptive
61.Haz-name meaning-Fortune, luck
62.Hamim-name meaning-Close friend, intimate friend
63.Hanan-name meaning-Affection, love
64.Hayat-name meaning-Life
65.Hosn, Husn-name meaning-Beauty, goodness
66.Hikma  -name meaning-Wisdom
67.Hisan-name meaning-Beautiful ones, good-looking ones
68.Hosban-name meaning-Calculation, computation
69.Hunain-name meaning-Name of a battle in Islamic history
70.Hunafa-name meaning-Ones who are devoted to God, ones who believe in God’s oneness
71.Ibada-name meaning-Worship
72.Ibad-name meaning-Servants of God, plural of Abd
73.Ikram-name meaning-Commendation, tribute, to honor someone
74.Ihsan-name meaning-Good deeds, kindness
75.Iman-name meaning-Faith in God
76.Iqra-name meaning-Read
77.Ishraq-name meaning-To radiate, to shine, for the sun to rise
78.Isbah-name meaning-Daybreak
79.Isha, Eisha-name meaning-Life
80.Istighfar-name meaning-To ask for forgiveness from God
81.Islah-name meaning-To fix and improve, to remove corruption
82.Islam-name meaning-Submission
83.Jaza-name meaning-Reward, recompense
84.Jabal-name meaning-Mountain
85.Jadid-name meaning-New
86.Jibal-name meaning-Mountains
87.Jazi-name meaning-Sufficient, a person who removes your need for other people
88.Kashif-name meaning-Discoverer, remover (of a cover, or a difficulty)
89.Kalam-name meaning-Speech
90.Kanz-name meaning-Treasure
91.Khilal-name meaning-Friendship
92.Kawkab               -name meaning-Star, Planet, it refers to any celestial object that shines in the night sky
93.Khalis-name meaning-Pure, untainted
94.Khayr-name meaning-Good, goodness, good deeds, better
95.Lail-name meaning-Night
96.Mafaz-name meaning-Victory, to win
97.Maab-name meaning-Place of recourse, retreat, refers to Paradise
98.Madad -name meaning-Aid, assistance
99.Maeen-name meaning-Fountain, spring
100.Maknun-name meaning-Covered, hidden, protected
101.Maghrib-name meaning-West, sunset
102.Maisur-name meaning-Easy, without obstacles and hardship
103.Makka -name meaning-A city in Saudi Arabia
104.Marib-name meaning-Goal, aim, purpose
105.Malja-name meaning-Shelter, refuge
106.Manazil               -name meaning-Phases of the moon
107.Marhaba-name meaning-Greeting, welcome
108.Miad-name meaning-Date, appointment, an arrangement to meet or visit somebody at a particular time and place
109.Marjan-name meaning-Coral, red coral
110.Marzat -name meaning-Contentment, God’s contentment toward humans, approval
111.Mashariq-name meaning-Sunrises
112.Mawazin-name meaning-Balances, scales
113.Mihrab-name meaning-Part of a mosque where the imam usually prays, known as mihrab in English as well.
114.Midad  -name meaning-Ink, fountain pen
115.Mihad-name meaning-flat land, plain
116.Misbah-name meaning-Lamp
117.Minhaj -name meaning-Path, way of life, curriculum
118.Mirsad-name meaning-Ambush, watch, observation
119.Misaq   -name meaning-Covenant
120.Mubin-name meaning-Clear, apparent, radiant
121.Misk     -name meaning-Musk
122.Mouminin-name meaning-Believers, plural of Moumin
123.Mursalin-name meaning-Messengers
124.Muneer              -name meaning-Brilliant, luminous
125.Muntaha-name meaning-ultimate destiny, Ultimate goal, final destination
126.Mursa-name meaning-To dock, to anchor [a ship]
127.Mutahir-name meaning-Purifier, pure
128.Musaffa-name meaning-Purified, not to be confused with Mustafa
129.Musamma-name meaning-Definite, determined, specified
130.Mustatar-name meaning-Written down, recorded
131.Muzn, Mozn-name meaning-Rain-bearing cloud
132.Mutmaen-name meaning-One whose heart is at peace
133.Niam, Neam-name meaning-God’s blessings
134.Nahar-name meaning-Daytime
135.Najat-name meaning-Salvation, rescue
136.Nazid-name meaning-Arranged, organized, ranked one above another, stratiform
137.Nujum -name meaning-Stars
138.Noor or Nur-name meaning-Light, radiance
139.Osul-name meaning-Roots [of a plant], trunks, figuratively principles, essentials
140.Ola-name meaning-Highest
141.Olia, Ulya-name meaning-Highest, loftiest, upmost
142.Omam-name meaning-Nations, plural of Ummah
143.Qarar-name meaning-Calm, serenity, tranquility, stability
144.Qabas-name meaning-Ember, piece of burning wood
145.Qalam-name meaning-Brush, pencil, quill
146.Qamar-name meaning-Moon
147.Quwa-name meaning-Strength, power
148.Qist-name meaning-Justice, equity
149.Ramz-name meaning-Mark, symbol, gesture
150.Raghad-name meaning-Affluence, ease, prosperity
151.Ramad -name meaning-Dust
152.Ramadan-name meaning-9th month of the Islamic calendar
153.Rizwaan-name meaning-Contentment, God’s contentment toward humans
154.Rawah-name meaning-Departure, leaving, evening, rest
155.Rawasi-name meaning-Mountains
156.Rayhan, Rihan-name meaning-Fragrance, scented plants
157.Ruman-name meaning-Pomegranates, pomegranate trees
158.Rukha-name meaning-Gentle wind, soft breeze
159.Sabeel-name meaning-Way, path
160.Sabab-name meaning-Cause, drive, factor, impetus, means
161.Sabah-name meaning-Morning
162.Sakin-name meaning-Serene, tranquil, unmoving, stationary
163.Sahab-name meaning-Clouds
164.Sainaa-name meaning-Arabic name for Mount Sinai
165.Sawab-name meaning-Goodly reward
166.Salam-name meaning-Peace
167.Salsabil-name meaning-Cool and refreshing pure water
168.Sarab-name meaning-Mirage
169.Shan, Shaan-name meaning-matter, Status, rank, business, engagement
170.Senuan-name meaning-Multiple palm trees that grow from the same root
171.Shahada-name meaning-Martyrdom, to be a witness
172.Shams-name meaning-Sun
173.Sinin     -name meaning-Another name for for Mount Sinai, synonym of Saina
174.Shuhub               -name meaning-Shooting stars
175.Shukr-name meaning-Thanks, gratitude
176.Sidq-name meaning-Truthfulness, to acknowledge the truth, to acknowledge God’s existence
177.Sidratul Muntaha-name meaning-Lote Tree of the Utmost Boundry, the name of a tree in heaven
178.Sulh-name meaning-Peace, armistice , truce
179.Siraj-name meaning-Lamp
180.Sirat-name meaning-Path
181.Siyam, Siam-name meaning-Fast (to refrain from food and drink)
182.Subul, Sobol-name meaning-Paths, plural of Sabeel
183.Sudur-name meaning-Chests, figuratively means hearts
184.Tamhid-name meaning-Preparation, to ease and facilitate
185.Tafsir-name meaning-Interpretation
186.Tahur-name meaning-Pure
187.Takbir-name meaning-To glorify God
188.Taklim-name meaning-Speech
189.Tasnim -name meaning-Name of a spring in Paradise
190.Taqwa-name meaning-Mindfulness of God, fear of God
191.Taqwim               -name meaning-Correction, rectification, stature, form, design
192.Tasbit-name meaning-stabilization, Reinforcement, situating, substantiation
193.Turab-name meaning-Dust
194.Tatheer               -name meaning-Purification
195.Urush, Orush-name meaning-Thrones, ceilings
196.Waad-name meaning-Promise, covenant
197.Yaqeen-name meaning-Certainty
198.Yamin-name meaning-Right side
199.Zumar-name meaning-Throngs, groups
200.Zakat-name meaning-Purification
201.Zikr-name meaning-Remembrance of God
202.Nahr-name meaning-River

Direct Quranic Baby Names For Girls

 (Islamic baby girl names from quran)

Direct Quranic Girls Names

SLName Meaning
1.Aayat-name meaning-Verses, messages, signs. Plural of Ayah
2.Aan-name meaning-This moment, right now, mature, ripe
3.Aayun-name meaning-Eyes
4.Abidat-name meaning-Worshipers of God
5.Adn-name meaning-Bliss, eternal residence, Eden in English
6.Adha-name meaning-more intelligent, More sensible, more severe
7.Aezza-name meaning-Mighty ones, respected and noble ones
8.Adna    -name meaning-Closest
9.Aghnia-name meaning-Rich ones, needless ones
10.Afida-name meaning-Hearts, consciences
11.Aliah-name meaning-Sublime
12.Ahda-name meaning-Better guided
13.Ajniha-name meaning-Wings
14.Ala-name meaning-Blessings, favors, wonders
15.Amanaat-name meaning-trusts, Deposits, things that are given to another person for safekeeping
16.Amana-name meaning-Trustworthiness, and something left with another person for safekeeping
17.Anaba-name meaning-He/she returned to God and became virtuous, this is a past-tense verb used as a noun
18.Amani-name meaning-Wish, hope
19.Amina-name meaning-Safe, secure
20.Anamta               -name meaning-You have blessed, it is a phrase taken from Surat al-Fatiha, the speech is directed at God
21.Aqsa-name meaning-Farthest, it is the name of a mosque in Jerusalem
22.Aqiba-name meaning-Result, aftermath, consequence
23.Asifa-name meaning-Storm, stormy, wind that blows forcefully
24.Asal-name meaning-Honey
25.Asara-name meaning-Remnant, trace
26.Aula, Awla-name meaning-More deserving
27.Asma-name meaning-Names
28.Ayah-name meaning-Verse, sign, proof
29.Banan-name meaning-Fingertips
30.Bariza-name meaning-Eminent, prominent
31.Baqiya-name meaning-Remaining, lasting
32.Barakaat-name meaning-Blessings
33.Bayyina               -name meaning-Clear sign, clear proof
34.Basiqat-name meaning-High, lofty and towering [things], refers to palm trees in the Quran
35.Basira-name meaning-Clear proof
36.Bazigha-name meaning-Shining, radiant, rising
37.Bayyinat-name meaning-Clear signs and proofs
38.Bayza-name meaning-White, feminine of Abyaz
39.Bushra-name meaning-Good news, glad tidings
40.Bukra-name meaning-Early, early part of the day, dawn, morning
41.Dua-name meaning-Prayer, supplication, call
42.Daniya-name meaning-Close, near
43.Dunya-name meaning-Worldly life, literally means the closest one
44.Eelaf, Ilaf, Elaf   -name meaning-Pact, agreement, covenant, safety
45.Ein, Iyn-name meaning-One who has beautiful large eyes
46.Fizzah-name meaning-Silver (the metal)
47.Fida-name meaning-To free a captive
48.Hafizat -name meaning-Protectors
49.Hadaiq-name meaning-Gardens
50.Hadiya-name meaning-Gift
51.Hasanat-name meaning-Good deeds
52.Harir-name meaning-Silk
53.Hasana-name meaning-Good deed
54.Hilya-name meaning-Jewel, trinket, any item used for adornment.
55.Hoor-name meaning-Houris, companions of Paradise
56.Husna-name meaning-That which is best, good deed, beautiful
57.Huda-name meaning-Guidance
58.Ibtigha-name meaning-To seek
59.Ibrah-name meaning-Lesson
60.Iliyun, Eliyun      -name meaning-The highest and most sublime place in Paradise
61.Iliyeen, Eliyeen-name meaning-The highest and most sublime place in Paradise
62.Iza, Izza, Eza      -name meaning-Might, honor, self-respect and dignity
63.Imara   -name meaning-To visit, to tend
64.Istabraq-name meaning-Brocade, shiny and shimmering silk
65.Jannat-name meaning-Plural of Jannah (Paradise)
66.Janna   -name meaning-Paradise
67.Jariya    -name meaning-The Sun, ship, stream, unmarried young woman
68.Jannatain-name meaning-Two gardens, plural of Jannah
69.Jannatan-name meaning-Two gardens, plural of Jannah
70.Judi, Judy           -name meaning-Name of the mountain that Noah’s Ark landed upon
71.Kabira  -name meaning-Great
72.Kamila  -name meaning-Complete and without shortcomings, mature
73.Kalima-name meaning-Word
74.Kalimat-name meaning-Words
75.Kashifat               -name meaning-Discoverers, removers of hardship
76.Kashifa-name meaning-Discoverer, remover of hardship
77.Kawsar, Kausar-name meaning-Abundance, and possibly the name of a fountain in Paradise
78.Kathira, Katheera-name meaning-Much, abundant
79.Khashiat-name meaning-Ones who fear God
80.Khairat -name meaning-Good things, good ones
81.Khalisa -name meaning-Genuine, noble, fresh, untainted, exclusive
82.Kunuz-name meaning-Treasures
83.Kubra-name meaning-Greatest, feminine of Akbar
84.Layali-name meaning-Nights
85.Lailah, Laila-name meaning-Night
86.Layal     -name meaning-Nights
87.Lina-name meaning-Young palm tree, young and delicate thing
88.Layyin-name meaning-Gentle, soft
89.Lulu-name meaning-Pearl
90.Liqaa-name meaning-To meet, to come face to face with
91.Madina, Medina-name meaning-City, also refers to a city in Saudi Arabia
92.Maawa-name meaning-Sanctuary, shelter, residence, refers to Paradise
93.Mahaba-name meaning-Love, affection
94.Mafaza-name meaning-Success, safety
95.Maghfira-name meaning-Forgiveness
96.Maqsurat-name meaning-Pure and modest ones, reserved ones
97.Mahya -name meaning-Life, lifetime
98.Maimana-name meaning-Blessedness, ease and lack of hardship
99.Maisara-name meaning-Ease, lack of hardship
100.Marhama-name meaning-Mercy, compassion
101.Marah-name meaning-Fun, joy
102.Marfuah-name meaning-Raised, high, sublime
103.Maryam-name meaning-Arabic for Mary, mother of Prophet Isa (Jesus).
104.Marufa-name meaning-Good, customary
105.Marwa-name meaning-Name of a landmark in Mecca
106.Mastour              -name meaning-Written, recorded
107.Marzia -name meaning-Cause for contentment, a person that God is pleased with
108.Masaaba-name meaning-Refuge, place of resort
109.Mawiza-name meaning-Advice, admonition
110.Masuba-name meaning-Reward
111.Mawada-name meaning-Affection, goodwill
112.Milla     -name meaning-Creed, doctrine, refers to prophet Ibrahim’s way of life in the Quran
113.Miesha-name meaning-Livelihood
114.Mubaraka-name meaning-Blessed
115.Mishkat               -name meaning-Niche
116.Mouminat-name meaning-Believers
117.Mubsira-name meaning-Well-informed, skilled, keen, intelligent
118.Mubashirat-name meaning-Bringers of good news
119.Mubayinat-name meaning-Clear, self-explanatory, lucid, plural of mubayina
120.Mumina-name meaning-Believer, feminine of Mumin
121.Mufsira               -name meaning-Beaming with happiness
122.Muhajirat-name meaning-Ones who have migrated for the cause of God
123.Muhita-name meaning-Encompassing, aware of, knowledgeable about
124.Muhsinat-name meaning-Doers of good deeds
125.Mustabshira-name meaning-One who is rejoicing after receiving good news
126.Muslima-name meaning-Feminine of Muslim
127.Muslimat-name meaning-Female Muslim
128.Mutmaina-name meaning-Sure-hearted, one whose heart is at peace
129.Mutahara-name meaning-Pure
130.Mutasadiqat-name meaning-Givers of charity
131.Nafila-name meaning-Gift, present, something given as an addition to something else that was given
132.Naama, Naema-name meaning-Abundance, comfort, luxury
133.Nakhla-name meaning-Palm tree
134.Naimah, Naema               -name meaning-Soft, smooth, beautiful and delicate, joyful
135.Najwa  -name meaning-Whisper, private conversation
136.Nazra-name meaning-Radiance, joyfulness
137.Nawa-name meaning-Seed, kernel
138.Nazira  -name meaning-Happy, joyful, one whose face is glowing with happiness
139.Nuha-name meaning-Sense, intelligence
140.Neima-name meaning-Blessing, something that God has blessed you with
141.Nida      -name meaning-Call, supplication
142.Oula-name meaning-First, feminine form of Awwal
143.Omnia, Umnia-name meaning-Wish, desire
144.Orub, Urub-name meaning-Devoted, loving, full of love
145.Oyun-name meaning-Eyes, plural of Ain. Can also mean springs, fountains
146.Qibla-name meaning-Refers to the direction of the Kaaba, which Muslims face during prayer
147.Qanitat-name meaning-Devout ones, pious ones
148.Qayima-name meaning-Upright, one who stands late at night in prayer
149.Qayima, Qaima-name meaning-Upright, correct
150.Qurra, Qurrat-name meaning-Comfort
151.Radiya, Raziya-name meaning-Content one, pleased one
152.Raafa, Rafa-name meaning-Kindness, sympathy
153.Rabwa-name meaning-Highland, hill
154.Rasiyat -name meaning-Massive, Towering
155.Rafia-name meaning-High, exalted, sublime, that which raises [something]
156.Rahma-name meaning-Mercy
157.Ruya, Roya-name meaning-Dream, vision
158.Riyah    -name meaning-Gales, strong winds, fragrant smells
159.Ruhama-name meaning-Kind and merciful ones
160.Safa-name meaning-A hill in Mecca
161.Sabira-name meaning-Patient
162.Sabirat-name meaning-Patient ones
163.Sabirin, Sabrin-name meaning-Patient ones
164.Sadaqa-name meaning-Charity, things given for charity
165.Sakhra-name meaning-Rock
166.Sahar-name meaning-Dawn
167.Sahiba-name meaning-Companion
168.Saihat-name meaning-Travelers, ones who fast
169.Saimat-name meaning-Fasting ones
170.Samaa-name meaning-Sky, heaven
171.Sakina  -name meaning-Serenity, tranquility
172.Salihat-name meaning-Good deeds
173.Salwa-name meaning-Consolation, bringer of happiness, quail
174.Sana-name meaning-Flash, glitter
175.Samar-name meaning-Fruit, result
176.Samara-name meaning-Fruit, result
177.Samarat-name meaning-Fruits, results
178.Samawat-name meaning-Heavens, skies, plural of Samaa
179.Sara-name meaning-times of happiness and ease, good times
180.Sanabil -name meaning-Plural of sunbul (ear of what/corn)
181.Sidra-name meaning-Lote tree
182.Shahadat-name meaning-Testimonies
183.Shifa-name meaning-Cure, recovery
184.Shuhada-name meaning-Martyrs, witnesses
185.Sibgha-name meaning-Color, dye
186.Siddiqa-name meaning-Pious and virtuous
187.Sunbula               -name meaning-Ear of wheat, ear of corn, spike
188.Silsila    -name meaning-Series, chain
189.Sima-name meaning-Appearance, characteristic, sign
190.Subat-name meaning-Sleep, slumber
191.Sujud-name meaning-Prostration
192.Sundus-name meaning-Fine silk, silk brocade
193.Sunbulat-name meaning-Ears of wheat, ears of corn, spikes
194.Tareeqa-name meaning-Road, path, way, manner
195.Tabsira-name meaning-Enlightenment
196.Tahiyya-name meaning-Greeting
197.Tilawa  -name meaning-Recitation
198.Tasmia -name meaning-To name, to mention the name of Allah, to say bismillah
199.Tawba  -name meaning-Repentance
200.Tawsia-name meaning-To give a commandment
201.Tayiba, Taiba-name meaning-Good, pious, not corrupt
202.Tayibat-name meaning-Good things, things permitted by God
203.Tulu, Tulou, Tolou-name meaning-To rise, to shine (as in sunrise)
204.Tuba-name meaning-Blessedness
205.Tuqat   -name meaning-God-consciousness
206.Ummah               -name meaning-Nation, community
207.Uswa    -name meaning-Example, model, pattern
208.Urwa-name meaning-Handhold
209.Wosta-name meaning-Middle
210.Wahida-name meaning-One, a single one, unique
211.Warda  -name meaning-Flower, rose
212.Wasila-name meaning-Means, course, route, medium
213.Wasiyyah            -name meaning-Commandment, will, advice, bequest
214.Yusra    -name meaning-Ease, lack of hardship and obstacles
215.Yaqut-name meaning-Ruby
216.Yusr      -name meaning-Ease, lack of obstacles and complexities
217.Zakirat-name meaning-Ones who remember God
218.Zahab, Dahab   -name meaning-Gold
219.Zahra-name meaning-Flower, splendor
220.Zaitun  -name meaning-olive, olive tree
221.Zaituna, Zaytunah-name meaning-Olive, olive tree
222.Ziya-name meaning-Radiance
223.Zakiya-name meaning-Pure, good
224.Zeenah or Zeenat-name meaning-Beautification
225.Zikra-name meaning-Remembrance, memory
226.Zilal-name meaning-Shades, things that provide refuge from sunlight, such as trees
227.Zullah   -name meaning-Dark cloud
228.Ziyada  -name meaning-Increase, extra
229.Zuha, Zoha-name meaning-Morning, mid-morning, forenoon
230.Zulfaa   -name meaning-Close, near
231.Zulfah-name meaning-Close, near, not to be confused with Zulfaa (though they have the same meaning)

Hope those who want to name Muslim boys and to name your newborn baby boy through this post know many names of boys and girls from the Quran with English pronunciation and meaning of the names.

Sometimes the meaning of a name can be different in different contexts because a word does not only have one meaning but also many meanings. Here mostly one meaning of the name is given but in many places the same name may have different meanings. So if you like the name, this name can try to know the meaning in different ways.

Note: While naming your child, you can ask any scholar whether the name can be kept. Or you can consult with your favorite imam saab.

*** Name children with good meaning. Good meaningful names are children’s rights ***

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